What do you think and expect of THE CONVENTION of GEYC 2004?


Name: Samar Mostafa
City: Alexandria ,Egypt
Sent: 01-Oct-2004 11:37

hi everybody the convention days were one of the most wonderful days i've ever had thanks for everybody,i met wonderful people from all over the world and it was an amazing experience.please if anybody have any pictures for me and my egyptian friends would you please send them to me.

Name: Adrienne R. Gyulassy & Dr. Maria Ress
Homepage: http://no/
City: Keszthely, Hungary
Sent: 30-Sep-2004 12:53

We'll never forget the caring attention you welcomed us as you treated us and said farewell. We could be convinced during our stay that it was not only the a warm-heatred hospitality you treated us foreigners but also a deep human attention you listen and care your fellow citizens. It was a great lesson for each of our delegation, thanks for it.

Name: Aya el faham
City: alex....
Sent: 24-Sep-2004 16:17

i found in this convention means of great time .sharing our ideas & realy i 've enjoyed knowledge cafes.... ... .. i can't find words 2 end up with but i dare say that it is not the end.

Name: salma ahmed
City: alex..
Sent: 24-Sep-2004 16:02

Oh Oh really i was fastinated by this convention i didn't though it would be as friendly as it was. i gain many friends & i hope 2 see them again.

Name: Gao Ming
City: Qingdao China
Sent: 22-Sep-2004 05:17

though i didn't hold the chance to go there,i have kown it was very wonderful from my classmates who have been there.we all consider it is a good activity to contact with so many talented people in other parts of the world and i hope to go next time!

Name: Elsa Reyes
Sent: 21-Sep-2004 02:01

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the amazing time we had last week in Egypt. I really enjoyed every single moment I spent there. I hope to keep in touch with you, as I think we made good friends. Just one little request: if anyone has pictures where Melissa or me appear.... could you send them to me? Thanks a lot!!!

Name: Oliwia
City: Katowice - Poland
Sent: 16-Sep-2004 20:12

This convention was my first, but I know that not last. I met lots of wonderfull friends from all over the world! So I greet all of YOU!!! I can't wait to See You all again!

Name: Oliwia
City: Katowice - Poland
Sent: 16-Sep-2004 19:00

This convention was my first, but I know that not last. I met lots of wonderfull friends from all over the world! So I greet all of YOU!!! I can't wait to See You all again!

Sent: 12-Sep-2004 12:28

i think it was a good thing toknow friends

Name: Amr Mohamed Habib
Homepage: http://www.msn.com/
City: Alexandria
Sent: 11-Sep-2004 15:03

i have known many of the visitors of yhe convention abd we have done relationship and i have many chatting friends from china and sweden (your daughters) ,colombia. and i like working in this project and your daughters too.

Name: walid mamdouh mohamed
City: alexandria
Sent: 11-Sep-2004 15:02

I have no many friends from all the would

Name: Randa ashraf shaaban hussien
City: alexandria
Sent: 11-Sep-2004 14:53

i think that it was a good thing to know friends

Name: Nermeen Mahmoud Hegazi
City: alexandria
Sent: 10-Sep-2004 11:52

i'm sure the convention will be great and I can't wait to meet other students from different countries,it's a great way to gain new friends and have lots of fun and learn how to protect the environment.

Name: Ahmed Said Toaimah
Homepage: http://www.ics.org.eg/
City: cairo
Sent: 09-Sep-2004 05:59

I believe that the CONVENTION of GEYC 2004 at alex will be exciting challenge to get really connected with others students,mentors and teachers.I wish goodluck for all. from Egypt Welcome to Egypt

Name: Razsine Gyulassy Adrienne
Homepage: http://www.not/
City: Keszthely
Sent: 08-Sep-2004 15:31

We are eager to see Egypt and meet all those people who work so hard for us. The pyramids are really what we wouldn't like to miss.

City: Burundi
Sent: 08-Sep-2004 12:38

Hello Everybody If I was to participate, I would expect for a great event. Meeting people from all sides of the world and talking about rearilities of our different countries especially about environment

Name: Taofik Hidayat
City: Garut
Sent: 08-Sep-2004 12:35

Me and other delegation in my country realy want to go GEYC but we havo o cost. I hope the commetee can give us the cost

Name: Carlos Ernesto Aker Narvaez
City: Nicaragua
Sent: 08-Sep-2004 00:37

I spect lots of good things about the convention for next week ,I spect there will be enough time to make new friends and to explore new places that I have never seen before ,I spect that we will have a lot of fun in the convention ,because we will be in one of the beautiful places of the world wich is Alexandry

Name: Amira Maher
City: Alexandria
Sent: 07-Sep-2004 22:37

I expect to gain a lot of forgain long-life friends and to get some new information

Name: tarek assem gamal
City: Egypt (Alexandria)
Sent: 07-Sep-2004 10:02

i expect that this convention will be wonderful , this is due to the daily work of the youth in order to make their projects

Name: Norwell Hinds
City: Guayana
Sent: 07-Sep-2004 08:57

Dear Birgitta, My delegation and I are pleased with the opportunity given us to participate and the content of the participation. We regret however that contrary to prior indications no of my classmates (i.z Quacy Grant) nor myself will be able to attend the conference in Alexandria. This is due to circumstances that perhaps could have been prevented but that are now beyond our control. I am saddened at the fact that we have missed this great opportunity to meet fellow students and especially in the ancient city. We are confident that the conference will be great! We are finalizing our own participation and look forward to the receipt of certificates. We were very encouraged by the content of the course and wish that we continue to play a part in the process of GEYC. Yours in Service of Youth, Norwell Hinds

Name: Kenneth Ochoa
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/kennethochoa/personal
City: Bogotá, Colombia
Sent: 07-Sep-2004 04:33

Hi you there! I think in this convention we will find a very good time to share our experiences and meet great people. I expect to find some old friends and also new ones, and to enjoy the time, as well as I wish you to do. Greetings to all of you.

Name: Dalia Mamdouh
City: Alexandria
Sent: 07-Sep-2004 01:24

I dont think theres much going to change in this world because not a lot of people care and theres a lot of lazy people

Name: Mónica Vanessa de Magalhães Pereira
City: Lisbon
Sent: 06-Sep-2004 22:41

I think that is going to be great, and I hope I meet other students that have the same interests like me and my friends... Saving the Earth

Name: Heba Ahmed Abd el fattah
Homepage: http://www.yahoo.com/
City: Egypt
Sent: 06-Sep-2004 21:15

i con not wait to see people comming from all over the world to my city i am to excitted to see them and talk to the people who were with me in the same course it was an very good idea i can not wait till that day

Name: Frida Wannerberger
City: Lund (Sweden)
Sent: 06-Sep-2004 17:15

I´m relly looking forward to go to Egypt! I find it a very exiting country and interesting culture. And of course meeting people from other countries!

Name: Doris Qamar
Homepage: http://N/A
City: Amman-Jordan
Sent: 06-Sep-2004 13:38

i feel it is going to be the experiance of a lifetime, i am so loking forward to it and i hope to meet you all guys. c ya

Name: Klara Sommerstein
City: Lund
Sent: 06-Sep-2004 08:47

I'm very much looking forward to this convention. I hope to meet many new friends, learn a lot and hopefully make a difference. See you!

Name: Salwa Sayed Abd El Fattah Madany
City: Alexandria
Sent: 06-Sep-2004 00:30

I ecxpect that the convention will be great and so helpful.Also many excellent progects we all gonna see it besides that we are going to know new great friends which they are in the same age as us and we are going to share the good time with each other. I am sure that the convention is going to be soooooooo great and i am waiting for more. thanks

Name: Ahmed M. Ghanem
City: alex.
Sent: 05-Sep-2004 23:04

I think it is very good chance 4 us to give our opinions and I expect it to be usefull and to do something for us

Name: Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Hussien
City: Cairo
Sent: 05-Sep-2004 14:28

I think that convention will be great, specially as it's the first convention for me. we will meet our frinds whom we met at the forum discussion we will exchange information about our cultures.

Name: Doha Hussein Tawfik
City: Cairo - Egypt
Sent: 05-Sep-2004 10:21

I’m very proud of participating in this convention. I’m happy to see my friends who I talked with them in the forum . I hope all success to this convention

Name: loay
Homepage: http://yahoo/
City: alex
Sent: 04-Sep-2004 15:53


Name: Sara Svanlund
City: höör
Sent: 04-Sep-2004 13:25

I hope that we will get a small sightsing in Alexandria, and maybe in other famous cities in egypt. I also hope that we will get time to speak with the other students and work with them.

Name: sayed said
City: egypt
Sent: 04-Sep-2004 01:23

I'm so happey to take part in this convention!.I think this convention will be perfect and hope to meet our friend in our world.

Name: Bothaina Ayman Aly Ahmed Rashwan.
City: Alexandria
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 22:30

Well i expect that it is going to be great and also educative because we are going to learn from each others culture.

Name: Laila Mohammed Aly
City: Alexandria
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 22:29

Actually I think it would be great because we will meat new people with new cultures and we will all meat from several parts of the world for one aim THE ENVIRONMENT. I also expect alot of knowledge exchange and fun with our new friends.

Name: Nermine Alaa El-Din
Homepage: http://www.yahoo.com/
City: Alexandria
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 17:30

I think that it will be very useful for us because we will improve our knowledge about different environmental issues and to make the best relationship with other students coming from other countries.

Name: Maria Konus
Homepage: http://www.gymn105narod.ru/
City: St. Petersburg/ Russia
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 13:28

I am really happy to take part in this convention! I hope that both students and teachers all over the World can find the best ways for the future of nation. Of course I hope to meet a lot of interesting people and find new friends. It will be my first time in Egypt and I am look forward to see your country and know more about culture. Hope to see you soon...

Name: alaamohamedelsayed
Homepage: http://www.yahoo.com/
City: alexanderia
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 12:22

hi:miss birgitta is it surprise!ok, think that you would ask about our activities and what we have done or maybe you would give us the cerificit(reports).miss iwish to come happy and safty bygod

Name: Matas Zemaitaitis
City: Pagegiai, Lithuania
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 12:02

In my minds, this convention will be perfect, will give me a lot of experience, knowledge and impressions. I am expecting that I will see Egypt, because this state is wonderful!!!

City: Pagegiai
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 11:36

I expect to get more knowledge about environment protected in other country. I want to see that beautiful country (Egypt). I hope what the travel and convention will be very useful in my future. I expect to meet more friends and colleagues from other country. I believe what everything will be ok. I wait the meet. By!!!

Name: Razsine Gyulassy Adrienne
Homepage: http://%20non/
City: Keszthely, Hungary
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 11:29

We have been enchanted by the thought of travelling to Alexandria, Egypt to the cradle of culture and civilization. We do hope that our students have learnt a lot about our world and our environmental issues and aims and they will be happy to their knowledge with other students.We are fully convinced that it will be a life-long experience for them. We hope they can make friends with students from other parts of the world as the students did who attended the former conferences. We are full of expectations to see our old friends again.

Name: Razsine Gyulassy Adrienne
Homepage: http://www.netropolis.hu/keszthely/vajda
City: Keszthely, Hungary
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 11:19

We are so happy to have the chance to go to Egypt, the cradle of culture.The name of Alexandria is a kind of manifestation of Ancient knowlegde and makes all of our friends, students envy of us for they can't come with us. Attending an Environmental Coference can make a really great impression on our students as well as us. We, teachers are full of expectations to see and meet old friends there. At the moment our lives are fulfilled with the joy of preparations.

Name: Mahmoud Ramadan
Homepage: http://non/
City: alexandria
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 03:18

look i wanna make two things and i will do it with my friends Y.M her in egypt one 1/ i wanna make u and all of visitors impressive two 2/ i wanna make some good for my enviromnet thanx M.R

Name: Fatima Matos Almeida
Homepage: http://www.aspea.org/
City: Lisbon
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 02:38

I expect the convention to be, for me and my students, a chance to exchange projects, ideas, cultures and knowledge. To get acquainted to the similarities and differencies of environmental problems in different countries through the different projects presented and to work together, students and adults trying to find out solutions.

Name: Danial Mustofa Habibi
Homepage: http://www.sbcdess.com/
City: Garut
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 01:53

I hope the conference will get the best solution and best alternative for all young master to save and protect the earth sool

Homepage: http://www.sbcdess.com/
City: Garut
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 01:48

I hope this conference can make a new assesment for the betterment of sustainable development in environment.

Name: shaden ashraf el kheshen
City: alexandria
Sent: 03-Sep-2004 00:08

i think it will be very interesting to all of us and agood chance to exchange knowlege and experience and have new friends from many countries .and we will learn more by sharing our projects together.

Name: Sara Ramadan mohamed Shehata
City: Alexandria,Egypt
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 23:06

i think we are going to know more people from other countries and we are going to know more about their idea about the environment and we are going to see others people from other countries project and who they do it and i think it will be more than wonderful, and also in the conventation we will have the chance to make friends all over the wold

Name: fatma said mohmmed toaima
City: cairo
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 19:59

i think that will be exciting because it the first time for me to join international event .Also i will get knowlege from people around the world and make friendship

Name: Maged Hassan
City: Alexandria, Egypt
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 19:43

I'm expecting an extraordinary meeting where we shall exchange knowledge and mee tfriends from all over the globe. I think that we will get to know more about eachothers soceities and its environmental experiments and experiences by seeing different projects. I'm very excited to meet this diverse number of youth in Alexandria and to make friends.

Homepage: http://www.apinguela.com/
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 18:32

1º The positive stimulation of my students, because for go to Convention they must to be the best and they will have to study if they want to go another year to some travels. 2º to Know people with different ideas and different cultures, to learn of the positive thing that these people have. 3º to Share our projects with the participants to the Convention and know the project of other Schools. 4º to establish new relationships with professors, students and Schools of the world. 5º to Know a country of millennial culture and different from ours.

Name: Imtisal
City: Lahore
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 16:07

I'm really excited! I'm really looking forward to make freinds from all over the world and have a great time there! And i'm dying to see the Music & Light show at the Pyramids in Cairo ;)

Name: Suzan Magdy El Tahhan
City: Alexandria, Egypt
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 15:55

well, I think that the convention will be a great chance to exchange cultures and knowledge, identify environmental problems in different countries through the different projects that will be presented & try to find out solutions. more over that I expect(as all) to make new friends.

Name: lili Andajani
City: surabaya
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 14:35

1. Preventive environmental strategies knowladge exchanges. 2. To get support for doing environmental action. 3. To get many friends from abroad. 3. To know about Egypt

Name: Sara El Sayed Akl
City: Alexandria, Egypt
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 11:55

I think the convention is a great idea to share our thoughts and projects about the environment with students from all over the world.it will be great to find new ideas and share experience with students from different cultures and my age. And i expect it to be exciting and full of useful activities.

Name: valdimir
City: smorgon
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 11:23

My expectations of the Convention will be very simple and understandable for all of us- this is a chance to meet peers and colleagues from over the world, discuss sharp issues related to the environment and ecology,find new partners for common projects ,share experiences and good parctices in this direction and learn from others as well.What do we need -peace ,respect each others way of life and culture,take care of our nature and raise our voice before people in power and be active in the field as citizens and tolerance .

Name: Pamela Guadalupe Martínez Medina
City: León, Nicaragua
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 02:42

I think that the convention will be a great opportunity to meet differente kinds of peolpe of my same age with same interests and most of all dialog with them about ideas to protect the environment, hopefully this expirence would help to put into practice what I learned throughout the course and work together with many people to develop solutions for the worldwide crisis of pollution and with all the presentaions aside with our own will help me to develop new knowledge and be a different person someone active in protecting the environment not someone passive that just waits for eveythin to be good.

Name: Melania Antonia Castillo Vargas
City: Nicaragua
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 02:32

I expect that the convention will be a good experience to learn more about new environmental technologies , to share my knoledge gained from this environmental estrategy

Name: Elizabeth Melissa Verástegui Hernández
City: México
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 02:26

Well, first of all I want to learn. I want to know the situtation all over the world about environmental concerns, to reach an answer and ways for solving the problems in the world. I want for people all around the world and us (México delegation) to have a solution and apply it in problems of each country. Also, I want to have friends from all the countries meeting in the convention. And share our cultures and experiences! :P

Name: Carlos Ernesto Aker Narvaez
City: Nicaragua
Sent: 02-Sep-2004 02:24

Im expecting many interesting things from the convention I also expect to learn more about the environment , and this will be a wonderful experience that I will never forget ,I also expect to make some new friends , because I think this convention is to have some fun and knoledge .

Name: Birgitta Nordén
Homepage: http://www.iiiee.lu.se/geyc/
City: Lund, Sweden
Sent: 31-Aug-2004 14:52

Welcome to share all your thoughts and expectations with each other, here!