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“Now is the time when the world of your future is designed and built.
It must meet all your needs! It must also do so without destroying 
the basis of life or your health. This is what this program is about. 
You will learn about the challenges and ways to address them. 
We hope you will be as fascinated as we are about the opportunities, 
and we welcome you into the community of people concerned with 
sustainable development!” 

                                Professor Thomas B. Johansson, IIIEE, 2004.



Young Masters Program (YMP) at the International Institute for 
Industrial and Environmental Economics
at Lund University in Sweden consists of 
- Global Environmental Youth Convention (GEYC), events every second year, 
since GEYC 2000 in Sweden.
- YMPiC (Young Masters Program in China) since year 2003
- and separate Young Masters e-learning courses on demand. 

Global Environmental Youth Convention 2004 consists of four parts. 
Part 1 and Part 2, ahead of and as a preparation for the convention, 
form the 14 weeks long Young Masters (YMP) course on-line. 
The content in this web-based YMP learning is in 
Part I: Introduction to the Environment, and in 
Part II: Prevention is better than cure. 
A projectwork is conducted by participating schools locally as 
Part III: Environment – Peace – Culture 
Finally the projectworks are presented at the convention as
Part IV: Convention 2004 in Alexandria, Egypt.

Welcome to come to know more about the Young Masters Program and 
Preventive Environmental Strategies, and to explore this web site!

For information, please contact: 
In Egypt: Coordinator of GEYC/Alexandria, Prof. Dr. Kamal T. Ewida, 
at or 
In Sweden: Director of YMP Carl Foung at 
For I.C.T. and didactical questions: Director of Distance Education GEYC / YMP, 
Birgitta Nordén at 
The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University, Sweden.

Phone: Cairo +202 735 1924/ 735 3797, Alexandria +203 592 0067, Sweden +46 46 222 02 18.







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