CV 2010-04-16
Personal details
Full name: Birgitta Nordén
Telephone: +46 (0) 0703 - 224111
Nationality: Swedish

2009- ongoing PhD candidate at Malmö university via GRESD (research school) at Uppsala University
Master Thesis in Educational Science, Lund University

2005 Master in Education with a professional orientation, Lund University
1977 Teacher training, School of Teacher Education, Malmö
1976 BSc, Lund University

Employment: Higher Education
2004 – 2009 Research within the project Learning in the extended university (LiEU), Centre for Learning Lund, Lund University. Project leader: Prof Shirley Booth. Funded by the Swedish Research Council
1999 – 2009 Director of Distance Education, Young Masters Programme on Preventive Environmental Management Strategies: Global Environmental Youth Convention (YMP/GEYC), The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University (IIIEE)
2003-2004 Lecturer, School of Teacher Education, Malmö, Dept of Science education

Employment: Upper and lower secondary school
1977 – 2007
Subject teacher in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Geography. Employed at the Nyvång and Tuna schools, Municipality of Lund, Sweden.

Qualifications in the educational sciences: Teaching in Higher Education
2003-2004 Instructing teacher training students at Malmö School for Teacher Education in the following subjects: ”Teaching for sustainable development” (10 credit module/15ECTS), “Ecology” (10 credit module),Becoming a teacher” (10 credit module), ”Development and learning” (10 credit module)

Qualifications in the educational sciences: Course planning and development work in Higher Education
2003-2004 Responsible for the course Teaching for sustainable development” (10 credit module/15ECTS), Malmö School for Teacher Education

2003-2005 Participation in curriculum development at Lund University (IIIEE). Developed a colleague the online-course ”Introduction to Cleaner Production” (5 credit module) and the UNDP-course ”Sustainable Energy systems and Policy” (2 credit module)

Curriculum planning and development work, Upper and Lower Secondary Schools
1999-2009 In charge of distance education for YMP/GEYC , starting with the GEYC 2000 at the IIIEE, Lund University, focusing ”Preventive Environmental Strategies”.

Research and/or Evaluation tasks
Nordén, B. & Anderberg, E. (2010). Learning in global settings for sustainable development: local challenges. Learning Lund Report no 4. Lund: Lund University.
Nordén, B. (2009). Lärares erfarenheter av förändrad undervisning – lärare möter övergångar mellan det lokala och det globala klassrummet. Lärande Lund Rapport no 3. Lund: Lund University
Booth, S.; Antman, L.; Hansson, B.; Larson, L.; Nordén, B.; Pilesjö, P. & Wigforss, E. (2007). Research for Development for Learning in the ICT-extended University. Learning Lund Report no 3. Lund University.
Nordén, B. (2007). Youth learning for sustainable development – analysis of experiences of online learning. Learning Lund Report no 2. Lund: Lund University
Arnfalk, P. & Nordén, B. (2002). Developing Tutoring Skills in Master’s Students Curriculum. Research and Education, Developing tutoring skills among master students and developing skills in using modern communication technology tools. IIIEE. The Communication project, Office of Evaluation, Lund University.
Nordén, B. (2000). Report of the Young Masters Distance Education Program. In Final Report GEYC 2000

2009 BN was awarded second price in the Swedish part of Terre de Femmes.
2007 BN was awarded Region Skånes Miljöpris 2007. “BN har varit den drivande motorn i Young Master Program, en miljökurs för unga entusiaster. Hennes engagemang hos den yngre generationen går inte att ta miste på. Vidare arbetar Birgitta för att miljöpedagogiken skall få genomslag även internationellt”.
2006 BN was awarded the Best Practice Showcase at the 12th Online Educa Berlin International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training, Germany. The best practice submission Young Masters Program on Preventive Environmental Management Strategies: Global Environmental Youth Convention 2006 in Dubai was chosen according to the criteria: "Successful proposals are chosen on the basis of if they can be considered excellent in terms of any or all of the following: the level of innovation shown in either design or delivery, the scale and reach of the course, the success of the course in reaching its aims and objectives and/or the context in which it is delivered".  
2002 BN shared with TetraPak the award for the environment issued by the municipality of Lund, Lunds Miljöpris, ”For many years’ enthusiastic work to increase young people’s commitment in favour of the environment”.
1977 BN was awarded the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (Kungliga Ingenjörs-vetenskapsakademin, IVA), IT-prize for schools, at Stockholm ”for her great commitment in contributing to the IT development of a large school, using subject- integrated methods, and international projects that clearly motivate and develop the pupils”.